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The Designer’s Choice

Saga Furs is the marketing company responsible for promoting the Saga Furs® quality label since its founding in 1954. Backed by the Finnish and Norwegian fur breeders. Saga Furs has become the most trusted brand of fur in the luxury fashion industry.


In 1988 Saga Furs established the Saga Furs Design Centre as a cornerstone of a new marketing strategy aimed at inspiring the world of fashion, encouraging the bold use of fur and renewing the very concept of fur design! As a result, furriers, students of design, fashion houses and designers from all over the globe have visited the Centre to immerse themselves in the magical world of fur.

Today all Saga Furs®  Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon pelts are sold exclusively at Finnish Fur Sales in cooperation with Oslo Fur Auctions. A strict code of ethics and animal welfare initiatives results in a superior product awarded the Saga Furs® label that is respected by the fur trade, the fashion industry and consumers worldwide.